Hey there, I am Sneha. A traveler at heart, a go-getter by attitude and an introvert by choice that’s the way I am. I live in more than a few worlds at a time and I absolutely love it. It is an unbelievable joy to put those world into words and bring them to life.


I travel because there is no way I cannot not do it. The cultural explosion around the world is an adrenaline I crave. Routine makes me grumpy and to compensate that irritation/depression/frustration I take the highway, literally. Be it the soul crunching treks to top of the peak or a comatose-like relaxation on a beach, I travel because I need it.

Born in the beautiful tucked away village of Wadkhal, in the state of Maharashtra, I grew up accustomed to nature. With beautiful trees in the backyard and a complete traditional well with the pulley, that was how I saw the world. The beach is a 20km close to my home possiadan was (and still is) a close Friend. I have travelled with my family, learned to read every thing written on entrance of every monument. I am one of the worst partners to visit a museum for I have to read every single word. ( I cant watch a movie without knowing the ending, its just something I have to do.).

As a working professional, I now have the one thing that kept me away from travelling a lot, money. With a slightly cushy job, I can now use my weekend to explore. As luck would have it, I live in one of the most picturesque city of Pune. It has plethora of one day excrusion options and I plan to make full use of it.

My version of travel includes the state transpotrt buses, local food, unbliveably uncmfortable seats and a challenge that  keeps me pumped up. I do like luxury but I like to balance it, earn it and make most of it. I wont say that sky calls me or the sea speaks to me or that my soul is parched without travel. Nope, I am not that dramatic. My nemesis is routine. And my sole reason to travel is to seek solace. To find a way to fill that hole that threatens to sucks away my juju.

So yes I have a bucket list of places I need to visit. It includes everything from ladakh to Venice. I wish to live with the locals, backpack across India and bring out the beauty that hides in plain sight. This travel bug goes really well with the writers needs. With this blog , I want to bring to you my experiences, my feels and most importantly take you to beautiful places around me.

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