Joy via Enid Blyton.


Reading is a passion for me, it is an escape. I read like my life depends on it. Sometimes at the end of a book I feel hapless. It’s like a friend has left you for life. The best part here is that you live their life, stand through their highs and lows, think their thoughts and maybe for a really well written book, you get to be the character. You get to fight for love, you get to fail and everything in a breezy read.

Another thing why reading appeals to a person is because it an instant teleportation option. You get to live a life in different city/country and even a different word for that matter. A chance to live a life you couldn’t have.  Who hasn’t lost themselves in the world of harry potter or cried with the fate of kite Runner?  It’s like joy ride with zigzags, whirlwind, rollercoaster and Ferris wheel altogether, where you get to explore the amazing worlds created through human imagination.


Do not get me wrong, I have been through my Nancy drew/hardy boy/secret seven/famous five phase years back. I have loved them with all my heart and they still remain my cheerleaders( that’s borderline crazy, but what the hell!).  It so happened that around 10 years back, when I was in my early teens, I read the book called ‘Fifth form at Malory towers’. It was this story about a girls boarding school where Darrel Rivers and her friends have the same after-school-special type fun. It was an innocent, endearing read. I never found them again, the entire series eluded me for close to a decade. The name stuck with me and I admit, I googled it, knew the story a bit but I wished I could have read it.

Now,  I have subscribed to a library called They have a lovely collection of books which you get to pick out online and they deliver it to your doorstep.  Just for the hell of it, I looked up Malory towers and lo behold d, there it was, the entire series. The first  6 original ones written by Enid Blyton an the next 6 of them written by ….  Since then, they have been my most loved read.

The four towers, the form master, the French mistress, tricks, games, fights and everything about it has taken me back to my teens.  I feel elated when Darrel wins a game or feel worried when they are called into the head mistresses room.

Being a classic introvert, I did what I do best, introspect, meaning overthink. What drives the Paulo cohleo loving, ayn rand worshiping bibliophile to sit nose borrowed into malory towers? Well, nostalgia is a bitch! On my 9th book of the series now and this is the best guilty pleasure ever.

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