Quick ride- Kahdakwasla!



This is going to be a short one. Many a times we put of travel plans owing to busy schedule and time constraints. Don’t let that be an excuse. If you want to travel, just find the place that fits your constraints and just step out.

Venue: Khadakwasla Dam

Distance from cities: 29 Km from Hinjewadi.

Mode of transport: 1 Pulsar, 1 Access: 4 people.

Best time to visit: Being a short visit, I recommend early morning any time of the year. In summers, it’s a respite from heat. Monsoon is gushing water and greenery. In Winter its perfect location to feel the blessed early morning sun.


We left from Wakad at 6-30 am. Even though the daily temperature high was at 33-34 C, morning bike rides are Cold! The respite from heat was welcome, the scarfs and hoods out and put to good use in first 10 minutes.

It was a pleasant ride, the Mumbai Bangalore highway is always fun to ride on. Owing to early hour on a Sunday morning, the road was free and we were off to make use of 6 precious hours before we had to leave for mundane stuff like classes

Following this the usual stuff happened. Fuel level on bike was dangerously low, petrol ump was nowhere in sight and more pressing issue was that we were just Hungry! With Google to the rescue, we rode 5 km on reserve, found a petrol pump and more importantly there was a local food spot right there with steaming hot idlies and quintessential poha. With the proper fuel up (bikes and us) we went on to cover the last 8 km towards the mighty Kahadkwasla dam, the one that almost drowned the city of Pune once upon a time.

When we reached this place, (around 8 am) we were underwhelmed. There wasn’t a lot of water, just short streams meandering. Huge water pipes lined the Left flank of the place and were big enough to walk on easily. The sun was peeking out and we were feeling fresh, like newly washed clothes right off the laundry! We did the most obvious thing, waked on the pipes to follow the stream.



This lead to some awesome photo sessions, some shadow pictures and revival of childhood shadow skills. We sat by the stream, took in the sun and welcomed the day. It seemed so easy that such happiness and joy was such a short ride away. One doesn’t need long weekends or excruciatingly planned holidays to explore the regions around us. Nor do we need lot of time. Sometimes 5-6 hours are more than enough.

 IMG_20170226_085106 IMG_20170226_084701IMG_20170226_082001 IMG_20170226_082405

Here is the scene from around the dam: There was a troupe of cyclist right in middle of a pump up session. The joy on their face as they cheered each other on was amazing. There were trio of bikers in middle of a wash down, two were cleaning themselves and one was using the running water to clean the bikes! Pretty smart. There was a small family in one nook of the bridge, praying. There was a cute family with the dad performing some crazy exercises and kids being kids around the place. It seemed like the weekend spot for people around. Seems about right.

We started back by 10 am, were home by 11. This was one of those times were no schedules matched and the need to travel was pressing. There is always a place to explore, as long as you are ready to step out!

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