Thing that inspired me in 2015.


Inspiration! Wow this one made me think.  Deeply. In one of many random messages on unnerving WhatsApp groups, this was a question, what inspired you in 2015?  But the mission here made me rack my brains and think about an act witnessed by me that made me go Damnnn (2 syllable damn!).  Sadly the first 11 months didn’t ring any solid bell for me but the 12th one did. On 7th Dec’15 I had my moment that reaffirmed my faith that good exists and not just onChootabheem or Baalveer.

My sister in law was visiting India from London. During one of my habitual scrolling on social media (everyone does that on job, it’s like a reflex) I noticed a group of rag-tag kids smiling. Eye shinning, pure innocence and happiness. The post was from her wall and after reading a really long post I was floored. It wasn’t a big deal, a simple act that made me super proud. She just got some roadside kids ice-creams. Simple.


What she explained in the post ( is that the kids have formed this routine. Their parents are daily wage earners. During weekends they haunt the popular VCA Nagpur as the weekend draws a lot of crowd. They usually beg for food here or find leftovers. This happens from late evening to midnight. As they have no government documents or anything, they do not go to any school. During the day they sleep, play in mud, and cook food. At night they roam around and play a really depressing version of Scavenger hunt.

When Sharmin (My sister in law) saw them squabbling by the roadside, she stopped her car, went ahead to talk to them and found that they are pretty happy in their routine. They have road side shelters and for them this is all life is. Bhabhi got very pensive at this for the fact that they could have so much more gnawed at her and their carefree outlook made her feel unreasonably sad. As with every Indian lady, food is the solution to all problems. She asked them what they would like to eat, they screamed for ice-cream!

They all went to Jain Kulfi (beside Reds in VCA Nagpur). She did order a lot of ice-creams!  She noted that the person at the counter treated the kids superbly. No difference in his approach to serve. (A shout out to the guy!!) Then began a photo session where the kids got excited to see how they looked in a pic! The picture shared above speaks volumes.


This one random act got to me. More than appreciation for the act I feel inspired by her thought. On the very first day of New Year she went to a school in Nagpur that educates under-privileged kids. Just for some playtime and fun activities. The pictures again paint the perfect picture.

Speaking of pictures and painting (couldn’t resist: P), Bhabhi learned the art by herself. Finding the artist hidden somewhere inside her, she slogged nights to pour her heart out. She had promised a friend to sell her art and donate half the money to charity “Touching Lives’. On the day of online sale (3rd Oct’15), Indian Morning inadvertently gave me a late start to buy her work. Alas, she sold them all. Check out some of her work here (
The people you know in flesh and blood can inspire you more than anything. There would have be bigger, much more impactful acts that occurred through the year but for me, this lady ended my year on a high note and bought in the next one with a bang. Check out her blog as well. She will keep your soul happy J

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